State of Florida Employee Salaries


List of employee salaries
Agency Budget Entity Position # Last Name First Name M.I. Employee Type Full/Part Time Class Code Class Title State Hire Date Annual Salary OPS Hourly Rate

Please note the following
  1. Data source is the State of Florida People First personnel information system. Data is refreshed every Monday.
  2. Data includes State Personnel System ( included agencies ), Lottery, Justice Administrative Commission (e.g. state attorney, public defender) and State Courts System (e.g. Judges) employees. It does not include Legislature, state university system, benefit-only entities, or municipal / county government employees.
  3. Annual salary includes applicable employee pay additives (i.e., competitive area differential, trainer, hazardous duty, temporary special duty, legislative approved, critical market pay, and leadworker), but does not include overtime or other incentive payments.
  4. An hourly rate of pay is provided for Other Personal Services (OPS) employees since they normally do not work a standard pay cycle (biweekly or monthly) and the calculation of an annualized salary would not be accurate.
  5. Confidential or exempt information under Florida Public Records Law is not included.
  6. Data does not include vacant positions.
  7. REPORTING ERRORS OR OMISSIONS: If you are a state employee listed on this site and believe the posted information is inaccurate, please contact the Human Resources Office of your employing agency.